A history of real passion for italian bespoke high quality shirts

Our goal, always present in our history,  is to transmit the passion, a taste for the high quality italian shirt, carefully crafted, completely traditional, following the royalties of elegance and excellence of Milanese tailoring. Luxure to us does not mean to demonstrate a flashy exhibition of disposable income or to be eccentric, but rather to depict the passion for the true beauty, quality of the production, for the elegance and why not, the classics. Luxury does not necessarily mean to be pretentious, while having the fake sophistication and being sold at exclusively high prices (and even sometimes outrageous), but rather to be aware of wearing something really good to appreciate.
For these reasons, while compressing our earnings, we have always kept very attractive prices, especially if it is compared to the intrinsic quality of the shirts that we create.

In the history of Santa Margherita 7  the slogan  MADE IN ITALY is not solely to attach a claim to the product as shirts could be produced outside the EU, while keeping the design from Italy. An ideation,creation, design, cutting and assembling with pure hands and caution, all together with the indispensable help of our seamstresses, to obtain an excellent product, this all makes us first to wish to wear them. For these reasons, our quality standard of wearability is very high and difficult to those who have tried our bespoke shirts has not to come back and visit us.


We had the idea in autumn 2007. We would like to create a fascinating and classy, stylish, evocative image. We decided to draw a Margherita, a noble flower, beautiful and delicate at the same time.  We inscribed our favourite number, the 7,  inside a sort of medieval shield.


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