Atelier Santa Margherita 7:clothes and made to measure shirts
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Atelier Santa Margherita 7: bespoke shirts shop with Milanese soul

Made to measure and bespoke shirts shop, a few meters from Teatro alla Scala, in the real center of Milan, the atelier Santa Margherita 7  offers you exquisite style and evergreen elegance.

The shop Saint Margherita 7 in Milan is a neuralgic center of sartorial shirts, burrow of the dandy and the gentleman that loves to dress conjugating the everlasting elegance and the exclusive quality of a handicraft head, manufactured with care maniacal and scrupulous observance of the sartorial rules of the custom shirts of high quality and from the excellent fit, perfectly amalgamate, in a symbiotic and amazing mastery, together with the laws, the tastes, the colors, the shape and the last male fashion trends.

Our vision of male fashion, together with our way of crafting, made us to be a proud reseller of Canali–an Italian icon of clothing and of tailoring which do not need further presentations–with whom we collaborate with pleasure. We can say that we would like to offer a true Milanese elegance: a sober, impeccable, cured but without unnecessary frills and kitsch, customized but always wearable and never pretentious.

At the atelier  Saint Margherita 7 we are very fierce of our bespoke shirts, customizable, totally crafty realized, hand sewn meticulously following the sartorial dictate. Our made to measure shirts are manufactured with the maximum care and attention to the detail, to ensure quality, perfect fit and resistance of the shirt across time.

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